Hello All Aspiring Young Engineers out there,

We are happy to announce that, after the success of the last year and receiving appreciations from faculties of reputed Institutes, we, the DataS family, have decided to organise the 2nd edition of our motion-time analysis contest. The 2nd Student Contest – 2019, timeSSD® competition is commencing on July 8, 2019 and will run till August 24, 2019. This time it is even bigger and students from Asia, Europe and Africa- all 3 continents will be taking part in this interesting event to prove their mettle.
The process of organising and supervising will this time be handled by :

1. Mr. Laszlo Szabo, timeSSD® project manager, DataS, Romania
2. Mr. Aditya Mahapatra, Contributor, timeSSD® Development Project
3. Mr. Priyabrata Mondal, Contributor, timeSSD® Development Project

During the competition, here, you will get the opportunity to use our software timeSSD® to enjoy a hands-on experience of using one of the oldest PMTS solutions for needle trades i.e. SSD (Standard Sewing Data) and finally find an exciting way to put your learnt theory into practice.
And after successful completion of assignments? Guess what?
An encouraging amount of cash prize and a certificate of accomplishment which can boost you resume for IE jobs internationally awaits for you if you are among the top 3 winners!
So wait for what? “Analyse” the prospect, don’t waste your “Time” and keep yourself in “Motion” to click below link to dowload the competition rules and know more about it.
For, any queries please feel free to write us to timessd-student@datas.ro. We are open to discuss to help you understand the competition process, any issues related to software. But, as you are in a competition no question regarding any Motion/Element codes on Software or how to analyse video will ever be entertained. For understanding the software you are requested to watch the below video carefully :

So, start exploring the world of Motion Analysis.
On Your Mark, Get Set, Go !


Where the data is

… why would like somebody to use a road measurement tool for the buttonhole?…

… the problem isn’t it in today’s 40% – 45% efficiency level in the line. The missing strategy and will to increase it step by step, day by day is the real gap. Who is in charge with the operator training? How the IE observes and finds out the better, ergonomic, workplace solution if the once acquired PMTS it was only to catch the wanted client and the data from old tables makes the rules? ...

Full article : https://www.textiletoday.com.bd/where-the-data-is/


Transparency: A Certificate or The Behavior?

When the question arrives from the brand “why you ask a higher price?” can you open the file with the background standard data and the calculated accurate figures which includes the clear profit level too?

… the buyer never wants to leave without profit a valuable supplier.

Full article: https://www.onlineclothingstudy.com/2019/03/transparency-certificate-or-behavior.html


timeSSD® – The Chronometer of the Students from the Textile Faculty

timeSSD® was chosen to provide the support for student practices from the "Textile Leather and Industrial Management" faculty of "Gheorghe Asachi" Technical University from Iasi. Thus, the “Standard times and work method development” course module for the “Process Innovations” (MSc), “Industrial Engineering” (BSc) and “Engineering and Management” (BSc) specializations includes the use of timeSSD® for editing and documenting the work methods respectively based on the selected motion elements, provides the benchmark time.
Predetermined Motion Time Systems (PMTS) are used in the fashion industry by each brand to establish the benchmark time for a style, they only pay for the minutes provided by such a system. PMTS in apparel factories is an indispensable element of the industry's only viable price based costing model and provides the benchmark for the manufacturing efficiency tracking so as to be comparable to competition figures.

timeSSD® is the new paradigm in PMTS dedicated for the garment industry, is available in the Cloud, attainable from a browser without user license, no investment and no annual fee.
The pricing of it is “pay per use”, the user – after the free trial period – pays only for the standard minutes of the selected items from the software’s own database.
Through the 14 languages available in timeSSD® and through the integrated work method sharing option, communication between the brand and the manufacturer is fast, accurate and transparent, strengthening trust between the parties.
By using timeSSD®, students will master the motion analysis, exercise workplace optimization and practice the rapid development of standard, universally accepted and in detail documented work methods.
Acquired knowledge contributes both to individual development and to increasing the competitiveness of industry.
PMTS software dedicated to the apparel industry has been available on the market for more than 30 years, but its widespread spread has been hampered by its high price, the cost of implementation being tens of thousands USD.
The most beneficial novelty of timeSSD® is even its rule of costing, making it accessible to all companies in the industry, regardless of financial strength.
Laszlo Szabo, managing director of DataS, says: "We are honored by the decision to include timeSSD® in the curricula of the textile faculty from Iasi and we are proud for academic recognition.
As the second faculty, after the “Institute of Clothing and Textile” of TTK University of Applied Science from Tallinn, Estonia, which uses timeSSD® for the schooling of the future professionals, I am pleased that our efforts are once again appreciated.
These events reinforce us and commit ourselves to the future. We wanted to develop an affordable solution for every company in the world involved in the fashion industry. Today we offer a solution that the professionals use then and as much as they need, paying only a few dollars for each model developed with timeSSD®. For example, a workflow for a shirt style is developed through timeSSD® with an effort between one and five hours of analysis and with a cost between 5,50 and 16,50 USD. Using the stopwatch the required effort from a industrial engineer would be between one and five business days, and the description of the operations would be brief, far away suited to the easy training of the operators. The benefits are obvious: celerity, expensive human resource saving, predictable fix cost per pieces, well-documented working methods, all obtained without any initial investment.”
timeSSD® can connect through APIs with third-party software solutions dedicated for production planning and tracking, efficiency control, labor cost and incentives calculation.


To Blink or How not to Blink?

In case of a 10.000 pieces order, with a Blink time difference, are allowed to miss 111 pieces, with the ordered quantity of 100.000 pieces the agreed minus is 1.111 pieces.
A company with 800 employees if accepts a Blink time difference – known or unknown – then decide for a yearly turnover loss of more than 100.000 EUR
Can you afford it?.
The above example moves the focus on the importance of the accuracy of the defined method.
Full article: https://www.onlineclothingstudy.com/2019/01/the-cost-of-single-blink-importance-of.html


Is there "right" time for all participating parties?

“ ... Still exist reference manufacturing units which avoids awareness of progress.
Is it ignorance?
Is it negligence? ...”

Full article:


Efficiency: the importance of the benchmark

Apparel Views – Oct 30, 2018:

“... Laszlo of timeSSD® has emphasized the importance of benchmark performance when factories measuring and analyzing the productivity and efficiency data. By using timeSSD® system, one can easily establish the standard time of sewing operations without prior training. To estimate the standard time Engineer Don’t need to remember code. Engineer just need to choose the correct code depending on the motion, distance and activity. ...”

Full article: http://www.apparelviews.com/tantu-seminar-2018-highlights-the-art-of-shirt-making/


timeSSD® - Train the Students

Encouraged by the results of the recently conducted timeSSD® experiment with NIFT (India) students we started a new project, a special online training with selected 7 voluntarily students:

Aditya Mahapatra NIFT New-Delhi NMFT
Ashish Gupta NIFT Jodhpur BFT
Ashwini Anand NIFT New-Delhi BFT
Harsh Joshi NIFT Kolkata BFT
Karan Sharma NIFT Jodhpur BFT
Pragati Mohapatra NIFT New-Delhi BFT
Priyabrata Mondal NIFT New-Delhi NMFT

Between October 21 – December 20, 2018, take place the webinars based online training sessions with focus on motion analysis practices with timeSSD® to have the students’ knowledge perfectly industry ready.

From January to April 2019 these students will be placed in different organizations in sync with NIFT project period. The students will carry out project with focus objectives of suitability of using timeSSD® for calculating SMV (SAM) of sewing operations in practical circumstances.
The welcoming company will benefit having trained timeSSD® student and complimentary use of timeSSD® software to explore its potential use in their organization. The student will be guided by timeSSD® expert as well as NIFT faculty members during the project.

For any additional info please contact us.


timeSSD® - the New Paradigm in PMTS

“ ... For example, in case of a Jeans style with 14 minutes (SAM) the total cost to have the operation breakdown list, including all approx. 40 standard execution methods, is less than 4 USD...”

Full article: https://www.onlineclothingstudy.com/2018/10/timessd-new-paradigm-in-pmts-register.html


timeSSD® - the new paradigm in the RMG sector’s dedicated PMTS


Thank you for visiting our stand at the Textile Technology Show 2018

We would like to thank you for spending your time visiting us, it was our honor having you with us.

We have noticed that the interest for the production planning based on right and accurate data is growing from the Romanian companies’ side. timeSSD® - the industry dedicated PMTS - provides the mandatory benchmarks to manufacturing management. The flexibility of its use and its incredible cost effectiveness today are unique on the market, yet.

We hope you have been pleased with the experience with us and we invite you to contact us for more details.


Confirmed by NIFT students practice: no user training required for timeSSD®

The common experiment with NIFT students and timeSSD® , run between June 14, 2018 and July 31, 2018, proved the initial „feelings” of Prof. Dr. Prabir Jana, to use timeSSD® it is enough to master the concept, no training required … or quoted from a student’s feed-back e-mail :“timeSSD® as the redefined state of the art MTM-2 is no less than gem for an I.E. personnel“.

We are extremely thankful both to the initiator of the experiment Prof. Dr. Prabir Jana and to all the students who have been interested, performed the experiment and submitted their feed- backs – including those expressed in criticism.

We are happy to announce and congratulate the following top three students:

1. Aditya Mahapatra Delhi, MFT
2. Priyabrata Mondal Delhi, MFT
3. Bittu Singh Gandhinagar, BFT

In addition, we are glad to show our recognition and we would like to mention the following students:

- Ankit Kumar Gandhinagar, BFT
- Ashwini Anand Delhi, BFT
- Ankit Saluja
- Karan Sharma Jodhpur, BFT
- Radhe Kumar

To incentivize the experiment timeSSD® offered a reward, in prizes, to top three students who will be able to analyze the sewing operation correctly. Mr. Laszlo Szabo, managing director of DataS, will hand out the certificates on September 14, 2018, with the occasion of his visit at NIFT Delhi.

Total 54 students started, 38 students registered out of which 18 students completed the experiment. The students worked on 565 operations in timeSSD® from which they saved in the system 117 methods and attached to 68 methods the corresponding video from the workplaces. The timeSSD® support team were contacted by 17 students out of which 3 students asked only regarding the experiment rules, in fact the software related questions were from 14 students side. From the asking 14 students 8 students completed the experiment. 56% of the students who completed the experiment didn’t had any contact with the timeSSD® team, completed their tasks without any question addressed to the helpdesk. From the total of the 74 e-mails addressed to the helpdesk only 9 (12%) of them was related to the core PMTS features of the software, addressed by 5 students (36%). From rest of the communication 31% were related to the registration process, 29% related to the unique cooperation features included in timeSSD® 29% addressed to the dedicated video upload included in the software only for this experiment and the 11% were confirmations and thanks.

Mr. Bela Marthi, timeSSD® consultant, analyzed in small details all submitted operations and videos. The main criteria were the professional approach from the student side and to meet the experiment rules.


“ ... how ‘anyone’ can use timeSSD® solution without any training? “

“... Till date an atmosphere exists that learning of PMTS is very tough and to use the PMTS software, one must go through a formal training by the PMTS solution provider. Another important and interesting fact is that any individual can’t get himself/herself trained in any of the commercially available PMTS solutions (as the training can’t happen without buying the software, and the software is too costly for an individual to buy).

These compound the reasons behind low adoption of PMTS system in South East Asia. In a departure to this age-old thinking, an interesting experiment was carried out recently using timeSSD®, a standard time data system, with Bachelor’s and Master’s students from NIFT across multiple campuses participating in the month-long experiment.

DataS is a Romania based PMTS solution provider offering its timeSSD® solution on cloud in SaaS model. The basic data code is same as the old time-tested SSD PMTS solution from Finland for apparel industry. Any user (anywhere in the world) can register and buy the credit and use it to analyze any sewing operation and calculate its standard minutes. The catch-line is ‘Any user’, while the existing industry understanding says that to use any commercial PMTS solution one has to go through rigorous training, how ‘anyone’ can use timeSSD® solution without any training? ...”

Full article: https://apparelresources.com/management-news/production/pmts-simplified-students-crack-code/


“Trust but verify” – Russian proverb


“The Art of Shirt Making” TANTU Seminar panelists

India International Centre, New Delhi - 15th September 2018

Freudenberg, Germany; Martin Group, Italy; Tukatech, USA, and Veit-Ramsons, India are associated with the seminar as Gold Partners and will present the cutting edge solutions to get efficient with technology. While Freudenberg will present their innovative and latest solutions to shirt interlining, Matin Group powered by SAKHO will compliment with why right fusing machine technology is important for getting a good fused component. Tukatech will present their 3D solutions for shirt making. Veit-Ramsons will present their finishing and fusing solutions for shirt making. timeSSD® from Romania is associated as Silver Partner and will present how to empower the shirt manufacturers through PMTS to improve their productivity in cost effective way.

TANTU Textile Alumni Association is the North India chapter of Alumni of two iconic textile colleges of West Bengal. As a group of core professionals serving textile and apparel industries, TANTU brings together experts and working professionals on a common platform to discuss, debate and deliberate on issues related to textile industry so that the industry accrue optimum benefit from the services of professionals and sustain in the competitive market.

Freudenbeg Performance Materials, part of 7 billion EURO Group has associated with the seminar as Gold Partner of the seminar. Freudenberg is a Germany-based company offering its customers technically challenging product solutions and services.

Sakho Enterpirses was established in India in 2011 with the vision of to build up Quality & Technology under one umbrella. Martin Group is an Italy based 60 year old company in the production of specialized presses for thermo adhesive.

Tukatech is garment and apparel industry's leading provider of fashion technology solutions. Founded in 1995 by garment industry veteran Ram Sareen, Tukatech offers award winning 2D and 3D pattern making, design, and manufacturing software designed specifically for garment makers of all sizes and skill levels, as well as garment plotters, and automatic spreaders and cutters for production.

SSD (Standard Sewing Data) was started by AJ Consultants from Finland dated back in 1982. In 2017 the SSD was acquired by DataS, Romania, a growing regional leader in the global market of the apparel sector’s dedicated software solutions. timeSSD® is a standard time data (Predetermined Motion Time) system for labor-intensive industries with special focus on sewing industry and integrated Social Manufacturing features.

More at: http://www.tantutextile.com/speakers-2018.html


“TIE : Order and Forget”

Is it possible to have a 3 years total cost with a PMTS only with 4 digits in EUR?

TIE from Egypt works more than 350 new styles per year and uses timeSSD® from Azure Cloud for work method development and labor content benchmarking.

Besides the novelty on the cooperative and transparency features included, keeps the control on the operational costs … no initial investment and a total cost for 3 years with only 4 digits.


“The Art of Shirt Making” – the Sixth annual TANTU seminar, India

Event at India International Center, Max Muller Marg, New Delhi on 15th September 2018.

The time has become a critical resource even for measurement itself.
The IE professionals has the mission to perform the work studies with celerity and to provide the added value from the shop floor.
How can timeSSD® – the cost effective PMTS – empower the Indian shirt manufacturers to improve their productivity in cost effective way?


Implement Productivity: Standard Methods with MTM-2 elements

https://rmgbdnews24.com/ - Bangladesh

… At the end of the workshop the participants self-evaluation shows a 20% increase of the “Work measurement” skills.

64% of the participants expressed their first choice for timeSSD® because of its novelty approach with the pay per use pricing, Cloud architecture and the Industry 4.0 collaborative features.



Benchmark and Performance

Motions, MTM-2, working methods, labor content benchmarking, performance control ... with timeSSD®, the unique, collaborative system, with no user license, no investment, no maintenance.

We are looking forward to meet you at Textile Technology Show, Stand 17 , Romexpo – Pavilion Central, Bucuresti from 13 to 15 September, 2018.


Realize the catch: Visualize the motions

A common timeSSD® experiment started on June 14, 2018, with the participation of more than 200 students with @nift.ac.in ID (NIFT - National Institute of Fashion Technology), India, based on the initiative of Prof. Dr. Prabir Jana.

Within the planned 30 days each student in internship will conduct time studies on operations from the shop floor and separate analysis with timeSSD® on the video captures.
The experiment provides an exercising tool for the students to perform in visualizing the motions and theory learnt is put in to practice.
As developers of the system, we are looking to learn from this experiment about how necessary is to have a user training (the students were never trained in timeSSD®).
Also, suggestions for increasing the user satisfaction are expected.

The focus of the design of timeSSD® was to create a cost effective, user license free, zero invests, easy to understand, simply to use, collaborative PMTS.
In few weeks after the experiment ends the synthetized results, regarding the timeSSD® performances, will be published.


Implement productivity: standard methods with MTM-2 elements

Motion analysis technics. Celerity. Benchmark time. timeSSD®

Public workshop July 13-14, Dhaka, Bangladesh

In the fast fashion era the labor content benchmarking with stopwatch based methods have a well-deserved place in the history. The time has become a critical resource even for measurement itself.

As the orders getting smaller the variation of the models increase. As the deadlines become closer the quality expectations are higher. The evolution of the fabrics, trimmings, equipment’s and customer’s demands require the agility of work, change in the behavior of the operators and new approach from the industrial engineers’ side for innovative processes.

The IE professionals has the mission to perform the work studies with celerity and to provide the added value from the shop floor. Standardization of the work methods, equipment, working conditions and training the operators eliminates the unnecessary motions by workers and reduce the work content. The standard execution time (SAM) of the documented work methods provides the benchmark for manpower and capacity planning, to measure labor efficiency and to operate with seamless flows.

The workshop will provide knowledge and train the ability of the IE professional for designing human work in an ergonomic and cost-effective manner with celerity, based on fundamental elements of the MTM-2 integrated in timeSSD®. The practice during the workshop will endow every IE professional with the sequential purpose-based analysis skills, increasing the speed of application and making easier to understand and perform the analysis in order to simplify the use of timeSSD®.

Content of the public workshop:

Module 1: Industrial Engineering – Implement productivity
 Industrial Engineering
 IE competitiveness fields
 Increase productivity

Module 2: Work study – Technics to improve productivity
 Work study
 Method study
 Aspects of productivity

Module 3: ST – Standard Time
 Get the ST for the Method

Module 4: timeSSD® – Practice
 How to work with
 Analysis speed with timeSSD®: 20 minute of analysis time for 1 minute of nonrepetitive cycle time (20:1)
 Exercises with trainer’s video recordings of operations

Module 5: Out of scope, but additional – Shop floor control
 Shop floor control systems

Language: English (with available interpreter in Bengali)
Required: please bring with you a laptop
Date and time:
- Duration: 2 days
- Start: Friday, July 13, 2018
- End: Saturday, July 14, 2018
- Daily: 09:45 am – 05:00 pm
- Tea-break: Morning 15 min; Afternoon 15 min (included, daily)
- Lunch : 13:00 – 14:00 with Prayer break(included, daily)

Venue: Marino Royal Hotel – Surma Hall, House- 25, Road- 3, Sector- 3, Uttara, Dhaka-1230
Certificate: Certificate of attendance will be provided
Training fee: 9.980 Taka (min. 5 participants / company: 9.000 Taka / person), plus VAT (15%), payable before July 01, 2018, in favor of “Hosanna Resources” with pay order or direct deposit to the Bank Account. Bank Account details: DBBL,Uttara Branch, Account Number: 11711033675.
Registration form: Click here to download
Please send the filled and signed form to: timeSSD@datas.ro
Note: Seats are limited and will be filled-in on first come first serve basis (total available: 25 seats). Please find the attached file for Registration Form.


Appreciation and enquiry for the Innovative Approach with timeSSD®

The social manufacturing features of the timeSSD® and the novelty with its "pay as use" pricing model received the rewards during our meetings in Turkey and Bangladesh. The reference companies visited in Turkey with the support of Millerson Danismanlik respectively in Bangladesh with thanks to Hosanna Resources were pleasantly surprised, expressed with their requests for binding offers.
The “Focus on the Essence in the RMG sector” seminar on March 16, 2018, raised the interest of over 200 professionals, including managing directors, consultants and industrial engineers.
Many thanks to the visited companies, representatives, seminar participants, our Turkish and Bangladeshi partners and to “The Apparel News”, our media partner in Bangladesh.
More info: Two valuable Software for Bangladesh RMG sector brought by DataS Romania

Photo: Fakir Fashion, Bangladesh, March 17, 2018

How long it takes a blink?

March 12 -13, 2018, are scheduled with meetings and presentations of timeSSD® in denim and woven manufacturing units from Turkey, thanks to Mr. Bulent Degirmencioglu from Millerson Danismanlik ve Temsilcilik.


Focus on the Essence in the RMG sector

We have the meetings and seminars planned between March 14 – 18, 2018, in the  world’s second garment exporter country’s capital, Dhaka, Bangladesh.  We apologize the representatives of the RMG companies who invited us for the timeSSD® and GPD presentations but forced by the already full schedule we could not accept all of them.

For the professionals and decision makers we are organizing the “Focus on the Essence in the RMG sector” open technical seminar on March 16, in two sessions (morning and afternoon).

Location : Surma Hall , Hotel Marino Royal, Sector 3, Uttara Model Town, Dhaka.

Contact : Joel Boidya, Hosanna Resources, tel. +880 188 461 461 1,
e-mail: hosanna.resources@yahoo.com .

Led by our vision “The World with fair concern to resources”, we would like to share during the seminar the novelty approaches of the PMTS with timeSSD®:

  • How to pay less for your relevant data?
  • No investment , no implementing, no user license, no maintenance fee but ready to use for everybody, from anywhere.
  • Agility of work in manufacturing, but in decisions and negotiations?
  • Collaborate and share your data … with a click. Guard the time resource and increase the confidence.
  • Where we are ?
But compared to what?
… and we want to hear you. We want to provide you with those software tools with which you increase the added value, you generate incentives for the employees and you achieve better customer satisfaction.

Prasanta Sakar, Jan 22, 2018

timeSSD® - the Scientific Work Measurement in the Garment Industry

timeSSD® - Scientific Work Measurement Tool for the RMG Industry

timeSSD® is a standard time data system for labor-intensive industries with special focus on sewing industry and integrated Social Manufacturing features. The company is based in Romania.
timeSSD® - the collaborative, scientific work measurement tool for the RMG industry

What is it timeSSD®?
timeSSD® is a time-cost benchmarking, worldwide available social manufacturing software solution. timeSSD® is a standard time data system for labor-intensive industries with special focus on sewing industry and integrated Social Manufacturing features.
In CM and CMT based garment manufacturing business every negotiation between the brand and manufacturer revolves around the question of execution price, in fact, it refers to the model's execution time.
When the client’s time fit with the manufacturer’s time is the ideal, but this is rarely the first.
timeSSD® provide the benchmark execution time for any working method and any garment style using the embedded motions time database.

The collaborative, social manufacturing capability of timeSSD® brings the substantial added value of it, comparing with similar software.
timeSSD® is installed in Microsoft Azure Cloud and this made it available everywhere and for everybody.
Each user from a company, brand, manufacturer, consultant uses the same, basic, motions database on own language, as are 12 languages installed today.
The company’s own methods and workflows are available by default only for the allowed, own users, but any method and workflow could be shared with any other registered user. Using the share function a method edited by the brand in Germany, in German, is available immediately for the Chinese manufacturer in Mandarin. No e-mails, no copy, no printed documents, just a share click and the discussions about the execution could start instantly.
The data are stored in the Cloud with geo-redundancy as a full backup measure.
The software allows the users to keep their data on local storage too, in different formats.
As part of the innovation and for increased attainability, the timeSSD® licensing is on “pay as use” basis.
Just register and use it, no user license, no contract, no investment in infrastructure, no access keys, no maintenance costs. The first registered user from a company is considered by the system as the timeSSD® account administrator of that business, this can be changed later. New users belonging to the same business are accepted via the invitation sent from the system by that business’s account administrator.
The price calculation is related only to the minutes used from the motions standard time database and the dimension of the business’s database kept in the Cloud, as Azure storage costs.
The whole concept of timeSSD® is as simple as it could be possible with the today’s available software and communication tools.

What include?
 Multilanguage database with predetermined motions times
 Working method development tools with accurate SAM (SMV) result
 Workflow editing features 
 Data sharing between companies 
 Data services for third-party applications

What is the scope?
 Labor content Benchmarking - provide an accurate and fixed comparison ground.
 Standardized Methods - avoid the time wasting and prevent the imperfect work
 Productivity Improvement - grant the right data for planning, efficiency measurement, and incentive payroll

Celerity in
 Product Development
 Work analysis
 Order fulfillment 
 Market ready products

What are the benefits?
 Effective cost saving


Prasanta Sarkar is the editor and founder of Online Clothing Study. He is a textile engineer and post graduate in Fashion Technology (GMT). He has authored few books in garment manufacturing technology field. Follow him on twitter @prasantasarkar or Google+


timeSSD® starts in Bangladesh

Romanian co starts 2 RMG industry-friendly Software in Bangladesh

Special Correspondent: DataS is a famous Romanian software brand, which mainly produces software for the labor-intensive garment industry. The two sophisticated software of the company are: timeSSD® and GPD.
timeSSD® is a standard time data system for labor-intensive industries with special focus on sewing industry and integrated Social Manufacturing features.
timeSSD® is an Industry 4.0 compliant, predetermined motion time software solution. On the other hand, the whole activity of DataS is dedicated to the apparel industry. DataS has started marketing its two garment industry-friendly software in Bangladesh by its business partner in Dhaka—the “Hosanna Resources”. The marketing activities will formally be strengthened in Bangladesh in March, 2018 when its Managing Director will be visiting Bangladesh.
Managing Director of DataS Mr. Laszlo Szabo has recently been interviewed by THE APPAREL NEWS. The excerpts of the interview are presented here for the readers.

The Apparel News: How do you see the business prospect of your company in Bangladesh?

Laszlo Szabo: We believe in our proclaimed scope: to provide at the right time the relevant information, necessary for the correct decision. Bangladeshi manufacturers need correct decisions, based on data on right cost level, to keep their competitive prices with continuous working conditions improvement and higher profit rate, in plus they are investors and they need profit too.

Because Bangladesh is close to be the most important garment manufacturers in the World then the market here is more than promising.
Based on our partner’s, Hosanna Resources, deep professional knowledge and proper ambition, together with our experience accumulated in many successful projects, we expect a fast market penetration for timeSSD®. timeSSD® is an Industry 4.0 compliant, predetermined motion time software solution, offered on a new, innovative business model which brings added value both for brands and manufacturers.

The Apparel News: Please tell something about your company, how and when did you start? Where is its head quarter? Who inspired you to start the business?

Laszlo Szabo: For the inspiration, here it would be the place for a nice story about our visions in that time, as young engineers, regarding “how we want to change the World”. Instead of it, the reality is ironic and simple, is the first time when I am talking about it in public.
The story started in 1992 when we – a group of IT enthusiasts, all of us with jobs in a garment sector – developed a dedicated application for a foreign owner of a trouser factory and we had our money in our pocket.
When I met the second potential, Dr. Dietrich Bock from Germany, after we agreed the price, he asked me for the invoice to make the deposit payment.
End of story, in two weeks DataS edited its first invoice. Thank you, Dr. Bock!
With a company in hand, up to date knowledge in software development and with experience in garment production we decided to continue the software development dedicated for the industry, in that moment has been the only with liquidity in Romania.
We are in the same city as when we started many years ago, located in TarguSecuiesc, middle of Romania, exactly on the latitude 46N and surrounded even today by 11 trouser factories.
This mean, also, that the solutions developed are tested by us in real garment production units, with hundreds of workplaces, before to be offered in the market. Not in a short pilot line, and not with experiments at thousands of kilometers distance via Internet.
In Budapest we have a sister company, DataStep Hungary. It is the Hungarian representative of the JobRouter®, German workflow management software, and also is our outsourcing partner for software development.

The Apparel News: What are the main products and services of your company that you are going to launch in Bangladesh?

Laszlo Szabo: We care of the resources, being guided by our vision. Our expertise is in the manufacturing management. The software solutions developed, the implementing and consulting services focus on the respect of the resources: time, human, material, financial and the other assets.
Paraphrasing Lord Kelvin we say: “Measure it, to improve it!”.
Based on this we offer the timeSSD® software with included benchmark execution times to provide an accurate and fixed comparison ground, otherwise any measured value becomes digits without relevance.
Integrated with it, the GPD – General Production Data – offer the tools to manage the orders, plan the execution, assign and secure the materials, manufacture the required quality, measure the efforts and costs, provide the relevant data for the right decision.
The implementing, training, consulting and support services are related to the software customization to fit the real demand and to the necessary know-how transfer to maximizing benefit with the software usage.

The Apparel News: We know that you are a Software Solution company. What types of Software are you marketing at present? What are the features of your Software? Will it be suitable and helpful for Bangladeshi garment industry?

Laszlo Szabo: The whole activity of DataS is dedicated to the garment industry. We know, we love and we respect this industry.
Today there are no borders and no bans for the technology, the know-how is available for everybody via the internet, the peoples in Bangladesh are similar with any other peoples in the World, the quality and delivery requirements are the same everywhere.
Anywhere in the World, in a shop, if I don’t read the inner label of the cloth, I don’t know if it’s manufactured in Romania or Bangladesh.
Sure, exist the cultural differences between the different parts of the World but these differences are part of our human being.
Each of us have its own priorities, own importance and our – the rest – obligation is to respect it.
Everywhere the owner makes efforts and invest money in his business only with the profit scope.
Everywhere the employers sell their times, knowledge and efforts for money.
Both, the owners and employers would like to benefit more with less efforts and higher pleasure.
This aim is possible only with constantly increasing added value and growing customer satisfaction.
With the DataS software solutions, the ground references are set for the added value parameters, the software continuously measures and store the actual level of them and provide the evolution figures together with the distances to the next target.
In fact: We developed a scientific work measurement tool with international standard time database, to fix the references, this is the timeSSD®.
Includes the clear work methods and style assigned workflow definitions, with accurate SAM (Standard Allowed Minute or SMV=Standard Minute Value).
The core functionality of the GPD_SFC subsystem is the Shop Floor Control with real-time data collection, based on cost saving Android tablets and QR / RFID coded bundle cards.
Here are measured on individual level the way of use of the available time which is reflected also in the different categories of efficiency figures and corresponding labor cost/payroll (if is used).
This part of the software manages the orders and provide the order following data for the on-line, digital, bottleneck and stocks supervisor.
The GPD_SFC includes the Android tablets based, on-line, statistical process/operation control (SPC) together with the pre-defined process based, on-line, ready garment control.
The GPD_MRP (Material Requirements Planning I) subsystem control the inventory, provide the BOM, manage the purchase orders, count the direct costs and supply the primary data for the accounting.
The KPI (Key Performance Indicator) provided are the parameters of the generated added value.
Not the absolute value of the indicators are important but the constant positive progress of them, in usual global words: efficiency, productivity, quality. 
Special and challenging is the GPD version dedicated for Processing (GPD_P) management in the garment finishing units (washing, dyeing, finishing … in one word: treatment).
Its features include the order management, recipe management, direct cost planning and control per order, per piece, per weight. The real-time order following and quality control is part of the system.
In addition is necessary to highlight the almost inevitable customization needs of the GPD in case of each implementing project. Each company has its own way, own procedures. It can be a manufacturer like Dr. Bock Industries with a very dedicated quality audit procedures for the Hugo Boss products or Lineweber (BRAX)with a local production’s related special requirements or Canda’s (C&A) with logistics needs coverage. 
All are part of the implementing process and similar customization needs we will meet from Bangladeshi companies too.

The Apparel News: Why will you say that your Softwares are more special than other existing Softwares in Bangladesh’s market?

Laszlo Szabo: We are far away to be magicians but we consider innovative our approach in case of the timeSSD® development and business model.
As we know there are many pre-determined motion time systems in the market, part of them well known – like the former SSD what we acquired – another part not so popular but timeSSD® is the first and only (today) which:
Is Cloud based (MS Azure) = available any time, from any location Is Collaborative = methods and workflows could be shared between manufacturers and brands (based on the user decision) just with a click; no paper, no e-mail necessary; this feature minimizes at the ever-possible low effort level the price discussions between the brand and manufacturer 
Has a “pay as use” pricing = pay only for the element’s minute used from the standard database; no initial investment, no maintenance fee, no contract; relevant and effective cost saving feature; 
Remark: timeSSD® is available for custom installation too, on user license basis.
On the official site (www.timeSSD.com) is already described the future extension of it for the equipment manufacturers.
In addition, we have the plans for another challenging feature what we will publish on the second part of this year.

The Apparel News: In which countries your Softwares are running now?

Laszlo Szabo: DataS software solutions are implemented in Europe: Bulgaria, Denmark, Hungary, Germany, Lithuania, Macedonia, Moldova, Poland, Romania, Turkey and Ukraine. 
The timeSSD® Beta, Cloud based trial version with accurate times, has registered users from more countries, additional, including Argentina, Bangladesh, Brazil, China, Egypt, Ethiopia, India, Pakistan, South Africa and others.

The Apparel News: What is the goal of your company?

Laszlo Szabo: Our efforts are focused on our customers’ demands, we want to provide them with software solutions with which they can create more added value. 
We are looking forward for that day when the potentials will ask our competitors: “How you compare your software withtimeSSD® ?”

The Apparel News: We know that you are coming to Bangladesh in March this year. Will you launch your products in Bangladesh during your visit?

Laszlo Szabo: Unfortunately, we are not Apple or Microsoft, we don’t have the market and power for such a pompous ceremony. 
In March we will have few company visits and presentations, organized by our partner-- Hosanna Resources-- but the final schedule is still open today.

The Apparel News: How much feedback would you expect from Bangladesh market?

Laszlo Szabo: I agree with the proverb: “no miracles, just you are to young”.
We have enough patience. 
To build up the trust, a process is inevitable, even in case of a fast market penetration.

The Apparel News: You know that Bangladesh is the second largest garment exporter in the world. So to keep the position intact, improvement of Productivity & Efficiency are must. So do you think that your Software will be able to increase Productivity & Efficiency in Bangladesh’s RMG sector?

Laszlo Szabo: Our software solutions are the best cost saving, comprehensive and right choices in the hands of that professionals who are motivated by the continuous improvement. 
It’s true that the robots and the AI (Artificial Intelligence) are knocking on our doors but in the RMG sector the human leaders are indispensable yet.
A proper, motivated engineering team, based on the data and information provided by DataS software solutions will do more than only to keep the actual vantage. 
We are eager to support this teams with our know-how, accuracy, flexibility and perseverance, similar as we are doing with the European garment factories which can invest and reinvest still today in new capacities and technology.

The Apparel News: Many thanks for giving the interview.

Laszlo Szabo: End-less thanks to all the readers of The Apparel News and all the garment industry people of Bangladesh.



timeSSD® is a web based predetermined motion time software with integrated social manufacturing features

Targu Secuiesc, September 7, 2017: Beta version of the timeSSD® was launched in the Microsoft Azure Cloud. Following the high interest shown by the fashion brands, textile faculties and manufacturers during the first presentation in May 2017 at Texprocess / Frankfurt, the Beta version is running in the Cloud with seven languages installed: English, German, Russian, Turkish, Romanian, Bulgarian and Hungarian.

timeSSD® Beta provide accurate times for handling, positioning, sewing, dispose, use of tools, read-write, walking and ironing motion elements used during the methods development, with focus on the sewing industry.

The Beta version of the timeSSD® is invitation based and its use is free, for commercial purposes too.

All the methods and workflows developed in Beta will be available in the commercial version.

The commercial version of the timeSSD® is “pay per use” based, no user licenses, no special keys and no maintenance costs. Its availability depends only on the internet connection for the user. The data backup is managed by Azure with geo redundant backup policy.

DataS develops garment industry dedicated software solutions to increase the operating and manufacturing performance. timeSSD® provide the “must to have” benchmark data for the efficiency control and incentive payroll in labor intensive industries, especially in garment manufacturing.
However, is a collaborative platform where the user develops private working methods and workflows and has the possibility to share them with the selected partners.

Laszlo Szabo, managing director of DataS says: “For example the execution method edited in Germany on German language by the fashion brand’s development team it’s shared in timeSSD® with the manufacturer from Romania. The production supervisor gets the method descriptions by default on Romanian and has all the necessary elements for the style execution with the standard times specified. This feature avoids the misunderstandings, save times and money. In the near future the Polish, French, Arabic, Bengali and Urdu languages will be implemented. Our intentions are to have the Hindi, Mandarin and Vietnamese languages included too, before the end of this year. I would like to say my thanks to our partners and supporters from different countries for their continuous support in the language translation processes.”

timeSSD® has a native connection with the GPD – General Production Data – QR code based, real-time, shop floor control and materials requirement planning software solution, developed by DataS.

DataS develops and delivers integrated software solutions dedicated for the manufacturing and business processes in textile, leather, garments and knitwear industry starting from 1992.
Today are more than 1400 installed DataS software licenses in 21 countries.

DataS, today, is the commercial brand of Astailor Shine Ltd. from Romania, and of our sister company from Hungary: DataStep Hungary Ltd.

More at: www.datas.ro or www.timeSSD.com


Workflow logistics

Workflow logistics are often the most complex to deal with in the production process, at least when it comes to the efforts that are being made to bring these processes online. However, the most recent innovations in this area aim to save business time and therefore money in the production process.

Having acquired SSD (Standard Sewing Data) software rights from AJ Consultants, Finland, prominent garment industry software provider DataS has just launched its timeSSD®.com website, which it said incorporates all of the standard data elements set with predetermined time values from SSD, including the MTM-2 database and now is available for everyone as a more cost-effective, intuitive web-based service, extended with social manufacturing features.

With timeSSD®, DataS is endeavouring to benchmark data for efficiency control and incentive payroll in labour intensive industries, especially in garment manufacturing. However, the platform is also collaborative, where the user develops private working methods and workflows and has the possibility to share them with the selected partners.

Laszlo Szabo, managing director of DataS said: “A shared workflow, based on standard methods, between the client and the manufacturer means more than transparency and confidence. The manufacturing price discussion could be limited to the price / minute factor, maybe on necessary equipment, in addition. Likewise, the web-based collaborative concept equip the manufacturing consultants with their indispensable tool, available anywhere and anytime, as a service.”

timeSSD® has a native connection with the GPD – General Production Data – shop floor control and materials requirement planning software solution, developed by DataS. The GPD’s QR code-based, real-time, data collection from the shop floor provides the data sets for the self-measurement based time studies as feed-back for the method engineers.

Another business looking to enable online tracking of the production workflow is WIPtracks. Its Work in Progress Tracking System (WIP) is a hybrid web-based system that connects business process management with measurement of the direct labour on the production line.

The company said that WIP incorporates: planning; employee management; shift and break management; management of product lines; management of operators and operations; as well as providing real-time reports on operator and machine effectiveness. The technology is said to save businesses 7-10% of expenditure.

(IoTex Magazin 2/2017 by WTiN)


Thank you for visiting our stand F31, Hall 4.0, at the Texprocess 2017

We would like to thank you for spending your time visiting our booth at Texprocess 2017, held in Frankfurt, Germany. It was our pleasure and honor having you with us.

We were impressed by the number of visitors and the great interest in our software solutions, especially in the web based collaborative predetermined motion time system www.timeSSD®.com , which we officially launched during this fair.

We consider our participation at Texprocess 2017 to be our success and thanks to you the number of visitors exceeded all our expectations.

We hope you were pleased with the experience with us and we invite you to contact us for any more details.