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The Community of Genuine Apparel Professionals

The Genuine Cost-Effective solution for standard labor costing and manufacturing performance in the apparel industry

  • Available Worldwide

  • Accurate Times

  • Documented Methods

  • Shared Knowledge

  • Zero Investment

License-free software

Pay As You Go

timeSSD® is the first Cloud based “pay as you go” Bill of Labor solution, continuing the tradition established by SSD as the first computerized time & cost benchmarking system for the sewing product industry

  • Scientific

    Industry dedicated elements database developed with MTM-2

  • Cloud Based
    • Implementing free
    • Immediate use on the go
  • Compliant
    • No user limits
    • Zero investment
    • Usage decided by user
  • Integrable

    Seamless integration with third party solutions via EDI feature

  • Collaborative
    • Method and operation list sharing
    • Builds trust
  • Cost Effective

    Pay as you go… only for the standard times of the used motion elements

New Paradigm in Labor Costing


Sustainable fashion by clear methods with accurate labor costing

  • Celerity in product development and required quality by standardized methods
  • Clear and fast communications by the items sharing
  • Supplier ranking, based on standardized operation list
  • Negotiation and decision tool with scientific labor costing support


The time has become a critical resource even for measurement itself

  • Accurate SAM by standard elements with predetermined times
  • Documented work methods on 14 languages, with immediate translation
  • Capacity and layout planning, line balancing, reliable efficiency control
  • Accurate and predictable cost per unit by the „pay as you go” pricing

Transparency with cooperation


Same capabilities for all players, brands and manufacturers

BPO and Consulting

Provided remotely and on-site by an experienced professional team

  • Work method engineering and re-engineering
  • Workplace engineering
  • Performance enhancement by system driven shop floor
  • Line layout planning and balancing
  • timeSSD® Practitioner training, webinars and certification exams
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