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Prices and TCO

timeSSD® is an investment free SaaS, the user just registers and use it. In the registered Business (account) can be invited as many users as is necessary, without limits. The users from the same Business uses the database of the Business which is common.

As unusual feature : the same user can start any number of instances of timeSSD® on the same computer or on many others.  timeSSD® uses the TIT (TImessd Time) as its own internal cost counting unit.  1(one) TIT = is the cost of the selection of 1(one) SAM minute Element from the System’s Database.

Using the features of the System generates costs, data storage in Azure as well. The detailed prices per each costing item are listed in the TOU but we think that are not so easy to use for a cost forecast.

timeSSD® don’t have license prices, nor maintenance fees. As a “pay as you go” System it counts the cost in the moment of generating, by decreasing the available credit level.  In the moment of registering all accounts gets free credits for the trial scope. The credits should be purchased via PayPal based on an invoice sent by us, following the user request get via e-mail to the address:

The available TIT credit is owned by the Business and can be spent, any time – without limit – on the software use and on services provided by us and listed in the “timeSSD_BPO_EN.pdf” document (available on the link on this page). timeSSD® provides each Business Admin with the tracking of the credit spent, all actions are logged.

For cost planning and comparisons, we developed the ”timeSSD_Cost-Estimation_CR.xlsx” , Excel table-based cost simulator which calculates the TCO of the System for the required time period. The user should enter in the marked fields its specific data related to the products manufactured / required and the total cost estimation is provided, including the developed items storage costs. The same tool includes the cost forecast of the BPO services provided by us (e.g. : remote method and operation list development) together with the prices of the consulting and other services.

With the click on the link on this page the “timeSSD-For-All” folder is open on OneDrive. There are stored the above listed files in a compressed format.

You will find there the “Read-Me-First.txt” file too, it describes the required procedure from your side to extract the cost simulator and the document with the BPO services list, including its procedures and price table.

In case of support need please feel free to send your request to

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