timeSSD® – The Collaborative, Scientific Work Measurement Tool for the RMG Industry

In CM and CMT based garment manufacturing business every negotiation between the brand and manufacturer revolves around the question of execution price, in fact it refers to the model’s execution time. When the client’s time fit with the manufacturer’s time is the ideal, but this is rarely the first.

timeSSD® provide the benchmark execution time for any working method and any garment style using the embedded motions time database.
The collaborative, social manufacturing capability of timeSSD® brings the substantial added value of it, comparing with similar software’s.
In fact, timeSSD® is installed in Microsoft Azure Cloud and this made it available everywhere and for everybody.
Each user from a company, brand, manufacturer, consultant uses the same, basic, motions database on own language, as are 12 languages installed today.
The company’s own methods and workflows are available by default only for the allowed, own users, but any method and workflow could be shared with any other registered user. Using the share function a method edited by the brand in Germany, in German, is available immediately for the Chinese manufacturer in Mandarin. No e-mails, no copy, no printed documents, just a share click and the discussions about the execution could start instantly.
The data are stored in the Cloud with geo redundancy as full back-up measure.
The software allows the users to keep their data on local storage too, in different formats.
As part of the innovation and for increased attainability, the timeSSD® licensing is on “pay as use” basis.
Just register and use it, no user license, no contract, no investment in infrastructure, no access keys, no maintenance costs. The first registered user from a company is considered by the system as the timeSSD® account administrator of that business, this can be changed later. New users belonging to the same business are accepted via the invitation sent from the system by that business’s account administrator.
The price calculation is related only to the minutes used from the motions standard time database and the dimension of the business’s database kept in the Cloud, as Azure storage costs.
“Pay as use” is an effective cost saving feature for the users, it could mean more than 50% savings in the first five years comparing with similar software on user license basis. The first years are beyond compare because with timeSSD® are no investment costs. The whole concept of timeSSD® is as simple as it could be possible with the today’s available software and communication tools. moment” (The King’s answer to Little Prince).

What is timeSSD® ?

timeSSD® is a time-cost benchmarking, worldwide available social manufacturing software solution.

What does it include ?

  • Multilanguage database with predetermined motions times
  • Working method development tools with accurate SAM (SMV) result
  • Workflow editing features
  • Data sharing between companies
  • Data services for third party applications

What is the scope ?

  • Labor content Benchmarking
    … provide an accurate and fixed comparison ground.
  • Standardized Methods
    … avoid the time wasting and prevent the imperfect work
  • Productivity Improvement
    … grant the right data for planning, efficiency measurement and incentive payroll
  • Celerity in:
    – Product Development
    – Work analysis
    – Communication
    – Order fulfillment
    – Market ready products

What are the benefits ?

  • Accuracy
  • Benchmark
  • Celerity
  • Liaison
  • Availability
  • Scalability
  • Effective cost saving
  • SSD

    Standard Sewing Data element
    sets with exact time values and
    witness videos form a ready-to-use
    standard time system for all your
    sewing operations.

  • SWD

    Standard Work Data element
    set allows you to analyze all
    manual and tool assisted jobs. It
    has its applications in packing,
    cutting, warehousing, etc.

  • SFD

    Standard Finishing Data
    includes ready-made base
    for macro elements for
    finishing and inspection.