Efficiency: The Importance of the Benchmark

/ timeSSD / László Szabó

Laszlo Szabo of timeSSD® has emphasized the importance of benchmark performance when factories measuring and analyzing the productivity and efficiency data. By using timeSSD® system, one can easily establish the standard time of sewing operations without prior training. To estimate the standard time Engineer Don’t need to remember code. Engineer just need to choose the correct code depending on the motion, distance and activity.

The Sixth TANTU seminar on The Art of Shirt Manufacturing was held on September 15, 2018 at India International Centre, New Delhi. There was an exciting gathering of industry experts, academicians, professionals and Govt. officials from all over India and abroad, discussing on the technical and aesthetic aspects considered at the time of shirt making.


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TANTU Seminar 2018 Highlights – The Art of Shirt Making